21 ☆ ENTP ☆ jedi super saiyan samurai anten seven rurouni fencer bounty hunter ☆ ohio

I'm 7oby and I like cats, dogs, Cowboy Bebop, robots, and food.

formerly pneumaticoutlaw

hi dweenyo

banana bonanza

"They let me pick. Did I ever tell you that? Choose whichever      Spartan I wanted. You know me. I did my research. Watched as you became the soldier we needed you to be. Like the others, you were strong and swift and brave. A natural leader. But you had something they didn't. Something no one saw, but me. Can you guess? Luck."

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        1/100 Resin Custom Kshatriya


        Elyn Hobby

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            2morrow i’m getting ice cream with Egg, walk the dog, do that edit (sorry x2), talk to mum about art festival??, draw like the drawer i am 


              dick size is so last year how big is your pompadour

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                  but imagine if i got everything done and we got prints made and i got in that art show and

                  my people skills are horrible someone might ask how i drew it and i’d just say something intelligent like idk man lmfao 

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                    if you think you spend too much on anime merch just remember daft punk paid $4 million to have an anime made for their album

                      dachindae replied to your post: “oh shoot mom just linked me to this art show thing in kent and the…”:

                      thank you xDD

                      that one would def get printed. and the robo valkyrie/angel one

                      maybe i’d print that picnic painting i did and maybe re-do that snowy purple dragon (i like it but i rushed at the end so it’s rougher than it could have been lol)

                      but mAN I’M GONNA NEED A LOT MORE THAN THOSE FOUR 

                      i need to talk to mom about this idk if my art would even fit into this show since it’s like got wine tasting and stuff too

                        oh shoot mom just linked me to this art show thing in kent and the cost for a table is only $35 and there’s prizes for the top three best artists

                        i think i could totally rock that but i 1) have zero prints of any of my digital work and 2) i’m not sure i even have enough stuff that would be good enough to put in a show right now so i’d have to do some reALLY GOOD STUFF REALLY FAST (the show is in june)

                        idk this would be awesome x1000 if i could do it and get in but even if i was able to get a good 10-15 print worthy paintings done i don’t know if we could even afford to get enough prints made for a show…..


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                            Ok so I know that a lot of games that used to fall under the Milton-Bradley mark are getting remade but I was not expecting this…


                            He looks like he belongs on one of those Japanese body pillows ಠ_ಠ

                              ❀ about me ❀


                              name:  7oby

                              age: 21

                              birthday: march/11

                              zodiac: fish

                              single or taken: single 

                              height:  6’4”

                              eye color: blu

                              middle name:  ob

                              favorite color: indigo

                              lucky number: 5 actually


                              hogwarts house [x]: ravenclaw 

                              favorite fictional characters: danny devito

                              favorite television show: anime

                              favorite season: fall is nice

                              describe yourself in a few words: 

                              future children’s names: dunglord

                              meaning of your name:  i earned the title 7oby after slaying the previous 6 oby in battle

                              ultimate otp: vashxdonuts

                              what do you plan to/do for a living: draw i guess

                              starbucks order: they have warm applejuice

                              THIS OR THAT:

                              introvert or extrovert: eixntrovert

                              dawn or dusk: dusk

                              righty or lefty: righty

                              coffee or tea: tea

                              rain or shine: shine but slighty overcast is nice

                              reading or writing: reading 

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